IQ Carrier is an app to spy on your phone

It’s already in the news, blogs youtube videos: IQ Carrier is an application to spy on you, using your phone to register your phone usage. Allegedly this application is to mesure your phone performance, but the detail level reported is obscene.

At least this is the explanation that the people working for IQCarrier is telling us, the telcos haven spoken a word about this, and they are the ones who payed for this software and the ones who are installing it to us.

The detail recorded is so incredibly high the responsibles for doing this should face criminal charges, specially when they are recording your SMS

The app is capable to record every key we touch, every app we run, our location, the antennae we connect to and we don’t know yet what information is reported back to your cellphone company.

We don’t know if this app can be activated by someone to report live every move you make, but it’s pretty obvious that a secret service of a big nation could set hands on the app specs to include this option.

You can find this app in a wide range of phones in the market: iPhones and Androids, from Samsung to HTC. This app was not found on phones running Windows, until now.

This app, labeled as a rootkit is really hard to stop on many handsets, and you have to root your phone to uninstall it. The iPhones are reported to have an option to stop sending reports but you have to navigate through obscured menu options in the phone setup

I really like our telcos being so kind to watch on us for our own good, but if they want to include a tool to monitor any proble we should encounter this is what the app should look like:

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